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With intimate knowledge of property compliance, changes in legislation and focus in minimizing liability, we provide innovative solutions that enable our clients to focus on maximizing returns.

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Consulting & Advising for NYC Property Compliance

City5 Consulting is the most trusted real estate consulting source for property owners, developers, and management firms in New York City. We navigate our clients through the complex regulations providing unparalleled clarity while granting them the ability to transact effortlessly and with confidence. Our team strives to continuously elevate the client-consultant experience.

Violation Services

Our violation removal specialists are highly skilled professionals who represent our clients for violations issued by the DOB, ECB, FDNY, DSNY, HPD, DOH and DEP agencies.

ECB Violation Representation

We have extensive experience representing clients at ECB hearings. We have saved our clients millions of dollars with our strong defense practice, which often results in dismissals, mitigation, class reduction, as well as through ECB Settlements.

Certificate of Correction / CoC

Our firm specializes in the preparation of documentation and required affidavits needed for the resolution of ECB violations issued by the DOB & FDNY. Our filing team has substantial experience and are licensed class 1 filing representatives with the DOB.

DOB Violation Removal

Our firm offers consultation and coordination needed for the resolution of all kinds of violations issued by the DOB, including Emergency Declaration, UB (Unsafe Building), Boiler Violations, Elevator Violations, Facade Violations, & Energy Violations.

Stop Work Order
& Vacate Order

The DOB issues Stop Work Orders (SWO) & Vacate Orders (VO) when inspectors determine work is in violation of the construction codes, zoning resolution, any law or rule enforced by the agency, or that illegal or dangerous conditions may exist on or near the property. Our firm offers consultation and coordination with the DOB needed to resolve such orders.

Waivers, Refunds, & Reductions

Conditions can occur where penalties that have been paid to an agency or penalties which are required to be paid to an agency can be waived, reduced, or refunded. Our team has significant experience and can easily determine when such conditions apply and proceed on behalf of our clients to benefit from such waivers, refunds, or reductions.

HPD Violation Removal

Our firm offers consultation and coordination needed for the resolution of all kinds of violations issued by the HPD, including the AEP Program.


Our DHCR professionals represent property owners in various proceedings with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. DHCR is the state agency responsible for implementing the laws and regulations that govern rent controlled and rent stabilized tenancies.

Administrative proceedings

Our team provides full service preparation and filing an application with the DHCR to obtain determinations that a building is no longer subject to rent stabilization based on Substantial Rehabilitation or that a unit is no longer subject to rent stabilization based on High Rent Vacancy or High Income Deregulation.

DHCR Complaints & Filings

Our DHCR professionals review, strategize, and submit a response to DHCR on the owner’s behalf for Overcharge Complaints, Decrease of Services Complaints, Lease Renewal Complaints, & Harassment Complaints. If you’ve already received a Decrease of Services Order, we can assist with the filing of a Service Restoration Application or if you’ve eliminated any services, a Change of Services Application. Our team responds to TPU audits as well.

Annual registrations

Every rent stabilized property is required to register annually with DHCR. If a property owner fails to properly register their rent, they can lose the right to collect rent increases as well as liability for up to treble damages on overcharges. Our team also assists with Initial Registrations based on a new building, 421-A, J-51, or change in ownership.

Due Diligence

Before you purchase or sell a building, our team will review the leases and DHCR registration to ensure that all increases were in compliance with rent regulation and calculate any potential liability.

MCI Filings

Our team assists with the filing of MCI’s (Major Capital Improvements) with DHCR, which increases the rent on rent stabilized units to reimburse the owner for building-wide improvements.

MBR Filings

Our team assists with the filing of MBR’s (Maximum Base Rent Applications) to increase the rent on units subject to rent control.

Tax Incentive Consulting

Tax exemption and abatement incentive calculations are an important part of the financial study when considering new construction or rehabilitation development. Whether it be residential, commercial, hotel, or mixed used projects, we offer advisory services to make the most effective use of the continuing tax benefits available in the New York real estate market.

421a Tax Abatement

The 421a tax exemption program encourages the development of underutilized or unused land by drastically reducing property taxes for a set amount of time. Unlike the prior "one size fits all" abatement, developers now choose from several options, each having different impacts on the received benefits. Our firm consults on the results each option can offer, and the preparation and filing.

HPD Marketing

Developers creating affordable housing are required to follow HPD marketing and tenant selection procedures. Our firm offers full service marketing capabilites from the preparation & HPD approval of marketing plan, branding, print & digital media, lottery, interview, & lease up. Learn more about what we offer at

ICAP Renewal Filing

Developers whose properties receive an ICIP property tax exemption are required to file a Certificate of Continuing Use (CCU) annually to preserve their tax benefits. Owners who do not file are penalized by having their benefits either suspended or revoked. Our firm offers annual compliance services to reduce the potential liability of benfits being compromised.

J51 Tax Abatement

J-51 is a property tax exemption and abatement for renovating a residential apartment building. The benefit varies depending on the building's location and the type of improvements. Our firm offers consulting, preparation, and the filing.

Property Tax Appeals

The Tax Commission is the City of New York's forum for independent administrative review of annual real property tax assessments set by the NYC DOF. Our firm offers consultation on challenging assessed values and appealing with the NYC Tax Commission.

RPIE Annual Filings

The Department of Finance (DOF) needs income and expense information each year to value your property accurately. Our firm offers filing and amendments of the RPIE requirement.

Landlord Tenant Consulting

Even great tenants and perfect rental properties come with a host of challenges. Our consultants have decades of proven experience assisting landlords with the many different roles a successful landlord must be able to perform.

Landlord Tenant Proceedings

We do not provide legal representation in court, however we provide assistance with landlord tenant proceedings and work closely with attorneys.

Landlord Tenant Investigations

Our specialized investigative team assists landlords as to enable them to make informed decisions in the areas of non-primary residency, succession rights, illegal sublets, illegal usage, pre-tenant screening and more.

Landlord Tenant Buyouts

Our team provides consulting for landlord tenant buyout negotiations including assisting tenants with relocation.

Here are just a few examples of how City5 Consulting coupled their expertise in NYC property compliance with creative problem solving to deliver the best outcomes for their clients.